Fishing Reports & Updates

Fishing Report Trempealeau Pool 7

With Warmer temps in the forecast in the next week, and river levels falling we are going to see fishing start to get good. As long as there is no significant rain or snow, and freezing thawing conditions continue; conditions should make for river levels to continue falling slowly.  In Trempealeau perch are showing up in spawning locations, and walleyes are are being caught.  Neither are hot and heavy yet, but if we get some warmer weather watch for the bite to improve.  We are starting to book some trips, but with the cold weather I have been reluctant to do more than play things by ear.  My goal is to give you a great fishing trip so when the bite gets good I will let you know especially for all of you that have contacted me to book a trip.   I would expect by Sat. 18th I will be running trips, and the next weeks after that booking fast.  Contact me now to get a date on the books.  Rest assured if weather turns unfavorable I am happy reschedule.

March starting off great! Will it Stay!

We've had some great weather lately, and landings are open, water is high but starting to fall.  Walleyes are biting - nothing great going on, but at least we are back on the water.  The warm temps have caught me a little off guard and my Tracker boat is in the shop getting some fabrication work done.  Hope to have that out and going in the next few days to start offering trips.  As soon as fishing gets good I will post and let everyone know!  Anyone find any mistakes or problems on my new site please point them out.  Thanks!